Bugaboo donkey duo review

Let me start off by saying this stroller is an AMAZING stroller! It has been on my must have list since I found out about the brand a few years ago. Now! Anyone who knows me or follows me on social media knows that I am a frugal person. I prefer to buy things used over new majority of the time, except when it comes to buying myself clothes. Sorry! Mama’s gotta have nice things too🤣! Brand new the Bugaboo Donkey is well over $1,000. The price tags is scary and it definitely scared me away. Thanks to Facebook marketplace and a few months of looking here and there, I found a used bugaboo with all the accessories for under $500!! The previous owner was even so kind to deliver it to my house and show me how to use it. They were so kind! I immediately took it to the gas station to pump up the tires so I could get this baby on the road. I placed my one and three year old in the stroller and my god! It was love at first push! This has been the only stroller that I can turn with one hand. I do not have to use all my strength either. It supports the weight of two toddlers wonderfully.

Many people have said that it is wide. That is to be expected since it is a double stroller, and a side by stroller at that. I find that it fits through doors quite easily! I simply hold the door open with one hand while I push the stroller through with my other hand.

I have taken this stroller to the park and pushed it on grass!! It glides wonderfully on the grass. We don’t get stuck or caught in the dirt. The air tires make bumps easy to tackle. I find that strollers with plastic tires tend to get stuck on the cracks in the sidewalks. Living in nyc, there are cracks literally everywhere. I need to be able to glide over the bumps without my stroller flying forward. Yes, that has happened quite a few times with strollers with small wheels.

One thing I do NOT like is the weight for each seat is about 38lbs. That is pretty low for a double stroller. The city select has a seat capacity of 45lbs. 45lbs will last you well into toddlerhood. Moms with heavier babies know that higher weight capacity strollers are a must have!! My youngest are 3 and soon to be 2. Eventually I will have to use a different stroller because the weight capacity will be reached.

Overall, I find this to be a great stroller for moms of multiples! I’m off to look for a mountain buggy or bumble ride🤣

TWELVELittle 3-in-1 unisex tote diaper bag review

As most of you know, I am a mom of 4 kids. They are all 6 and under. It’s safe to say I have my hands pretty full, almost all of the time. I am constantly on the look out for bags that will fit all of my needs. I need a bag that I can throw over my shoulder and most importantly, a bag that can carry a bunch of stuff. I always carry a change of clothes for my kids, snacks, water, diapers and all my diapering essentials on almost every outing. It is important that I have a bag that can accommodate my needs. When I saw the TWELVELittle 3-in-1 unisex bag I thought this could work. Here are the pros and cons of the bag.


  • has a backpack option
  • Has a tote option
  • Has a messenger/hobo option
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Roomy
  • Comfortable backpack straps
  • HUGE bottle pockets
  • Lots of interior pockets
  • Fits a lot(perfect for moms of multiples)
  • Can be used as a travel or work bag
  • Will last beyond your diaper bag days
  • Cloth diaper friendly
  • Insulated bottle pockets
  • Mom of multiples friendly


  • Not machine washable
  • Doesn’t come with stroller straps

I wore this bag for a few outings to get a full use of the bag. I used it backpack style, strapped it to my stroller with the stroller straps that came with my TWELVELittle diaper caddy. I also used it in the messenger style. I attached a messenger strap from another diaper bag I own. Adding a strap makes converting from backpack to messenger style very quick, easy and convenient.

My first test was wearing this bag at a park. I packed my bag the way I normally do and this was the ultimate test. If I could run with a diaper bag on my back and not become uncomfortable, we would have a winner! After 30 minutes of chasing my kids around the park my back did not hurt. The straps did not dig into my shoulder or back. The weight was evenly distributed and this was the first time I didn’t prefer to have a diaper bag attached to my stroller. If you are a heavy packer, you can always use stroller straps if your back is strained or just for personal preference.

The second, last and most important test for me is space! Can I fit what I need in this bag?! I always, always bring a change of clothes for each child. So that is 4 changes of clothes. I always bring cloth diapers, cloth wipes, cloth wipe spray, wallet, keys, portable potty, fuel cell packed with snacks, hand sanitizer and a bottle of water and lotion. The changes of clothes alone can make many diaper bags obsolete. Once I add my snacks and cloth diapers, most diaper bags don’t have much space left. This was not the case with this bag! I was able to fit everything plus any other thing I felt like grabbing along the way. The bottle pockets are huge! I can get two bottles in each pocket which is amazing. Most diaper bags can only fit one bottle in each bottle pocket. My favorite thing about this bag is the ability to allow me to carry everything I need and then some while looking stylish 😁. What’s your favorite diaper bag? What bag would your recommend for a new mom or a mom of multiples?

Men don’t care about women

Yep. I said it. Men don’t care about women. If they did society would not be in the ridiculous state that it is in. Men are fully capable of being in a relationship with a women or women and not give a damn about the plight of being a woman. Just today I had a conversation with a man. He stated that I was ignorant. Why? Why was I ignorant? Am I ignorant because I stated that the ONLY way this oppression of women is going to change is when men change? Am I ignorant because I stated facts about how most of the offenders of domestic violence are men? His response is that women shouldn’t stay. How about people keep their hands to themselves?! Is that such a radical idea?! Clearly it is. But! That is not what I want this entire post to be about.

Men don’t care about women. Most of the organizations to stop child abuse, domestic violence and rape are started by women. It is should not be women’s job to combat crimes that we at large do not commit. Why do rape victims have to be the ones to stop men from raping?! Why do child abuse survivors have to be the ones to try and put a stop to child abuse?! Where are all the men who scream “NOT ALL MEN”?!? Where are their organizations or social movements to stop men from being the grand offenders of women, children and even other men?! I’m sure there are some but clearly not enough. Too many men are ok because ya know they aren’t at risk of getting raped for walking home alone. They aren’t at risk of their male boss threatening to fire them if they don’t go on a date with them. They don’t have to worry about why their brother in law, who seems nice is trying to get them alone. Men only care about an issue when if affects them. Take a look at viagra. If viagra said they would stop production I could guarantee that there would be nationwide protests. God forbid their penises don’t work🙄. Some men only want to care about women when it affects their child or mother. For some they never care. It shouldn’t take the birth of a female child for a man to suddenly respect women and their bodies.

The issue is that too many men don’t see women as completely human. It’s shown by the way women in general are the biggest abuse victims and men the biggest perpetrators. The way men dismiss our struggles. The way men call men who acknowledge our struggle weak. It’s all in how anytime a man of power is accused of rape, we immediately say the women are lying. You don’t have to abuse women to not care about women and men don’t realize that.

Mod bod

Some women give birth and their bodies return to pre baby shape. By that I mean they don’t have saggy or wrinkled stomachs. For some reason that wrinkly stomach is the most telltale sign of pregnancy and childbirth. It is also the reason for a lot of insecurity and body shaming. The wrinkly stomach is often looked down upon as disgusting and unwanted. It is one of the most hated things about the postpartum body. Women pray they won’t have that stomach after giving birth. I was one of those women who hoped and wished! I just knew my stomach would return to normal. Nope! I’ve determined that was a lie! To my horror my stomach was wrinkly after one pregnancy and one baby. Each pregnancy after I would hope my skin would magically tighten again. My stomach is flat but the saggy skin still announces itself every time I take a shower or get undressed. At first it made me upset. It made me sad. It made me disappointed in my body. But why? We all know why! Women are painted in this image that isn’t reality. It’s a must be perfect or nothing society. We glorify women who bodies look unscathed by pregnancy while putting down those who bodies do what bodies do and change! We glorify the snap back. We say moms let themselves go after giving birth. The truth is, your body will change. It will NEVER be the same even if you “look” the same. Your internal organs have shifted. Your uterus and cervix have stretched to great lengths to house and birth your baby.

Once I got over the skin, life ran a bit smoother. I accepted the fact that my body will never look or be the same but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less beautiful or functional.

Sex: does he make you scream?

Serious question! Does he make you scream? Are you enjoying yourself during sex?!? I ask this because studies have shown that heterosexual women have less orgasms than gay men and women. We are out here LOSING in this orgasm game and it is down right shameful. Why are we having sex if we aren’t having orgasms? Now some women say it’s for the connection, yea, yea, I get that but doesn’t getting hot and bothered, bother you when he is the only one having an orgasm?!

Many women give in to the sexual wants of their man at the sacrifice of their own desires and pleasure. That has to be one of the main reasons why we have fewer orgasms than lesbians besides that men in general don’t know what they are doing when it comes to vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Too many think inserting a penis will make you gush with pleasure( major eye roll).

Now back to my question! If you are having sex and not enjoying yourself something has to change! Is stress causing you to not be able to fully relax? Is carrying most of the household on your shoulders making you want sleep more than sex? Is your partner’s lack of concern turning you completely off? Is your partner not able to keep up with your sexual appetite? Does he have erectile problems(he needs a dr!)?

When you lay down with your man you should be excited. It should not feel like a chore and if it does, y’all are doing it (or he is) all wrong. Have sex when you are in the mood. Never in the mood? Find out what would help you enjoy sex more. Sex should be enjoyable for you! You as a woman deserve a full and fabulous sex life. Don’t settle for bad sex while your mate is having the time of his life. Teach him how to please you, so he can make you scream😃

Cloth diapers on an EXTREME budget!

Cloth diapers are often marketed as the cheapest solution to our never ending diaper need and as a way to cut costs. Cloth diapers in fact do cut costs and are a very good alternative to disposable diapers. Even using cloth diapers part time can help many parents who are struggling financially. But here’s the thing, many parents can’t afford to buy a whole stash at one time, especially when food needs to be bought. $25 a diaper can be a daunting price for some. This is where I have a solution. My solution to cut the cost of cloth diapers is using thrift stores and blankets. It sounds pretty strange but I promise you will see my point in a few sentences. Items at the thrift store are already heavily discounted. Things that are already cheap at regular price are almost free at thrift stores. Many know that receiving blankets and cotton blankets in general can be used as flat cloth diapers. At a local thrift store you can buy cotton baby blankets for under $1 a blanket. This price cannot be beat unless, of course someone buys you a stash and gifts it to you. Baby blankets are incredibly absorbent. They can be used both during the day and at night. If more absorbency is needed a Insert can be added so you can get longer wear time at night. Baby blankets also are easy to both machine and hand wash. They also dry very quickly with air drying. This allows for a parent to be able to use less diapers and thus use their money for something else. Tight on a budget? Run to your local thrift store, buy some blankets and put your diaper covers to good use.

Tired as a mother(fu*ka)

There was a point in time where I thought “no way I can ever be more tired than I am now!” This was said when I was in high school and when I joined the rowing team in college. Waking up at 4 am everyday was a breeze compared to motherhood. Motherhood is a BEAST and is not for the weak. I am starting to believe that emotional and mental labor tire the body more than actual physical labor! Raising children can be very taxing and rewarding at the same time. It takes a lot of mental energy to help regulate emotions and guide children all while not completing loosing your shit everyday (it’s ok to loose it sometimes and cry in the bathroom, no one is perfect🙃).

I wake up everyday and immediately get the ball running. I hop up! Most times my Afro is stuck to my head but hey!! I start breakfast, feed the dog and then take him out for his morning walk. After that, I’m back in the house feeding kids, playing and starting my morning cleaning routine before we start a homeschool activity. In between those things I try to drink a cup of coffee so that I’m not falling asleep by 12pm. Coffee is a must! I don’t care what anyone says lol. After 12 I let the kids watch a movie so that I can do some laundry, fold clothes, put fat baby down for a nap and get started on lunch and dinner. By 4 pm I’d like to crawl in my bed but that’s not going to happen. By 7pm I’m at my mental capacity and that is when it’s time to start winding down and get ready for bed. By 7pm I’ve been up for 12 hours and been tending to children for 12 hours. I’ve heard my namehh called 100 times. I’ve picked up toy after toy and made meal after meal on top of making sure everyone stays alive and is well cared for.

My brain is non stop thinking. My anxiety doesn’t help. The mental load of being a mom can be exhausting in itself. We are constantly thinking about other people, our children (as we should) all while trying to do everything that needs to be done to keep the house running smoothly.

Moms are tired! We need rest! Don’t ask me or any mom why we are tired especially if you don’t have children. Naps are required and mandatory if you ask me🤷🏽‍♀️

Take a break mama! Read a book or run out the damn door once your partner or babysitter arrives. A short walk can wake you right up because your mind won’t be running on overdrive.