Men don’t care about women

Yep. I said it. Men don’t care about women. If they did society would not be in the ridiculous state that it is in. Men are fully capable of being in a relationship with a women or women and not give a damn about the plight of being a woman. Just today I had a conversation with a man. He stated that I was ignorant. Why? Why was I ignorant? Am I ignorant because I stated that the ONLY way this oppression of women is going to change is when men change? Am I ignorant because I stated facts about how most of the offenders of domestic violence are men? His response is that women shouldn’t stay. How about people keep their hands to themselves?! Is that such a radical idea?! Clearly it is. But! That is not what I want this entire post to be about.

Men don’t care about women. Most of the organizations to stop child abuse, domestic violence and rape are started by women. It is should not be women’s job to combat crimes that we at large do not commit. Why do rape victims have to be the ones to stop men from raping?! Why do child abuse survivors have to be the ones to try and put a stop to child abuse?! Where are all the men who scream “NOT ALL MEN”?!? Where are their organizations or social movements to stop men from being the grand offenders of women, children and even other men?! I’m sure there are some but clearly not enough. Too many men are ok because ya know they aren’t at risk of getting raped for walking home alone. They aren’t at risk of their male boss threatening to fire them if they don’t go on a date with them. They don’t have to worry about why their brother in law, who seems nice is trying to get them alone. Men only care about an issue when if affects them. Take a look at viagra. If viagra said they would stop production I could guarantee that there would be nationwide protests. God forbid their penises don’t work🙄. Some men only want to care about women when it affects their child or mother. For some they never care. It shouldn’t take the birth of a female child for a man to suddenly respect women and their bodies.

The issue is that too many men don’t see women as completely human. It’s shown by the way women in general are the biggest abuse victims and men the biggest perpetrators. The way men dismiss our struggles. The way men call men who acknowledge our struggle weak. It’s all in how anytime a man of power is accused of rape, we immediately say the women are lying. You don’t have to abuse women to not care about women and men don’t realize that.

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