Mod bod

Some women give birth and their bodies return to pre baby shape. By that I mean they don’t have saggy or wrinkled stomachs. For some reason that wrinkly stomach is the most telltale sign of pregnancy and childbirth. It is also the reason for a lot of insecurity and body shaming. The wrinkly stomach is often looked down upon as disgusting and unwanted. It is one of the most hated things about the postpartum body. Women pray they won’t have that stomach after giving birth. I was one of those women who hoped and wished! I just knew my stomach would return to normal. Nope! I’ve determined that was a lie! To my horror my stomach was wrinkly after one pregnancy and one baby. Each pregnancy after I would hope my skin would magically tighten again. My stomach is flat but the saggy skin still announces itself every time I take a shower or get undressed. At first it made me upset. It made me sad. It made me disappointed in my body. But why? We all know why! Women are painted in this image that isn’t reality. It’s a must be perfect or nothing society. We glorify women who bodies look unscathed by pregnancy while putting down those who bodies do what bodies do and change! We glorify the snap back. We say moms let themselves go after giving birth. The truth is, your body will change. It will NEVER be the same even if you “look” the same. Your internal organs have shifted. Your uterus and cervix have stretched to great lengths to house and birth your baby.

Once I got over the skin, life ran a bit smoother. I accepted the fact that my body will never look or be the same but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less beautiful or functional.

3 thoughts on “Mod bod

  1. Love this! I’m hoping to have national body positivity for moms month of June next year, I would love for you to participate! This year it is already underway 😊 follow this year on facebook bellies to Babies or IG bellies_2_babies I would love to share this blog with your permission. Thank you for this amazing blog!

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