Sex: does he make you scream?

Serious question! Does he make you scream? Are you enjoying yourself during sex?!? I ask this because studies have shown that heterosexual women have less orgasms than gay men and women. We are out here LOSING in this orgasm game and it is down right shameful. Why are we having sex if we aren’t having orgasms? Now some women say it’s for the connection, yea, yea, I get that but doesn’t getting hot and bothered, bother you when he is the only one having an orgasm?!

Many women give in to the sexual wants of their man at the sacrifice of their own desires and pleasure. That has to be one of the main reasons why we have fewer orgasms than lesbians besides that men in general don’t know what they are doing when it comes to vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Too many think inserting a penis will make you gush with pleasure( major eye roll).

Now back to my question! If you are having sex and not enjoying yourself something has to change! Is stress causing you to not be able to fully relax? Is carrying most of the household on your shoulders making you want sleep more than sex? Is your partner’s lack of concern turning you completely off? Is your partner not able to keep up with your sexual appetite? Does he have erectile problems(he needs a dr!)?

When you lay down with your man you should be excited. It should not feel like a chore and if it does, y’all are doing it (or he is) all wrong. Have sex when you are in the mood. Never in the mood? Find out what would help you enjoy sex more. Sex should be enjoyable for you! You as a woman deserve a full and fabulous sex life. Don’t settle for bad sex while your mate is having the time of his life. Teach him how to please you, so he can make you scream😃

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