Tired as a mother(fu*ka)

There was a point in time where I thought “no way I can ever be more tired than I am now!” This was said when I was in high school and when I joined the rowing team in college. Waking up at 4 am everyday was a breeze compared to motherhood. Motherhood is a BEAST and is not for the weak. I am starting to believe that emotional and mental labor tire the body more than actual physical labor! Raising children can be very taxing and rewarding at the same time. It takes a lot of mental energy to help regulate emotions and guide children all while not completing loosing your shit everyday (it’s ok to loose it sometimes and cry in the bathroom, no one is perfect🙃).

I wake up everyday and immediately get the ball running. I hop up! Most times my Afro is stuck to my head but hey!! I start breakfast, feed the dog and then take him out for his morning walk. After that, I’m back in the house feeding kids, playing and starting my morning cleaning routine before we start a homeschool activity. In between those things I try to drink a cup of coffee so that I’m not falling asleep by 12pm. Coffee is a must! I don’t care what anyone says lol. After 12 I let the kids watch a movie so that I can do some laundry, fold clothes, put fat baby down for a nap and get started on lunch and dinner. By 4 pm I’d like to crawl in my bed but that’s not going to happen. By 7pm I’m at my mental capacity and that is when it’s time to start winding down and get ready for bed. By 7pm I’ve been up for 12 hours and been tending to children for 12 hours. I’ve heard my namehh called 100 times. I’ve picked up toy after toy and made meal after meal on top of making sure everyone stays alive and is well cared for.

My brain is non stop thinking. My anxiety doesn’t help. The mental load of being a mom can be exhausting in itself. We are constantly thinking about other people, our children (as we should) all while trying to do everything that needs to be done to keep the house running smoothly.

Moms are tired! We need rest! Don’t ask me or any mom why we are tired especially if you don’t have children. Naps are required and mandatory if you ask me🤷🏽‍♀️

Take a break mama! Read a book or run out the damn door once your partner or babysitter arrives. A short walk can wake you right up because your mind won’t be running on overdrive.

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